• MotorWizard

    ‘Medical Aid For Your Car’

    Withever rising costs of living, the last thing you want to worry about is having to repair your vehicle in the event of mechanical breakdown and be burdened with unforeseen repair bills and stuck without transport!

    Motor Wizard launches ‘medical aid’ for cars of all ages. It is an insurance policy that provides protection against cost of parts and labor following mechanical or electrical or electronic failure of a covered part. It is designed to provide peace of mind in the event of an unexpected breakdown knowing you have financial support to fix or replace broken vehicle parts.


    MotorWizard’s Warranty is right for you, if:

    • Your car is a passenger, 4×4, a light commercial vehicle or fleet vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass not exceeding 3 600kg, which are in roadworthy condition.
    • Your vehicle is in a sound mechanical working condition (pre-existing faults or failures are not covered).
    • Your vehicle is coming out of its existing Manufacturers warranty/motorplan.

    Key Benefits;

    • Optional 1 or 2 Years cover with unlimited mileage.
    • You can choose a cover plan based on the year model and mileage of your vehicle.
    • Deterioration resulting in actual failure from fair wear and tear is covered by this Warranty but limited to the benefit component limit.
    • We cover up to 32 components excluding other benefits such as Installment Payment Protection, Insurance Excess Payment, Vehicle Hire, Hotel/Overnight Accommodation etc.
    • Free 24/7  ‘Help Me’ Emergency Assistance.

    ** Terms & Conditions apply

    For more information contact;

    Sales and General Queries: info@mmafinance.co.za

    *Underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Ltd*