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We are accredited with all Major Financial Institutions. We offer finance terms tailored to suit customer needs with no deposit if need be.
Complete the secure online finance application and get pre-approved now with us and buy your dream car today.
By clicking the following check boxes, I confirm that:*

I am a South African Citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card
I am 18 years or older
I earn more than R10,000-00 nett per month
I am able to provide 3 months payslips and 3 months bank statements
I have a valid South African Driver’s License
I have not defaulted on any of my debts, nor do I have any judgements against me for accounts not paid
I confirm that I am currently not blacklisted with a financial institution
To ensure best practise for the Health of your Vehicle you are purchasing, our MMA Policy requires A vehicle to have at least six months of the original manufacturer’s warranty or service plan remaining, If not, we will only finance the vehicle with the purchase of an approved pre-owned warranty policy by the Buyer.

You need to confirm the above statements as true to the best of your knowledge in order to continue with the process. If you willingly proceed where you have advised that you have no knowledge of Credit Bureau Defaults / Payment Issues, a Finance Charge can be levied against you.


Please fill out the form below to complete the finance application
If you do not owe anything or do not have any details, fill in with a 0
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Employer Details
Banking Details
Who do you Bank With?

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Income and Expenses
Breakdown of Expenses
By checking the check box below I hereby give consent to the Credit Provider to make enquiries about my credit record with any of credit agencies and to obtain whatever information on me that they might require to process the credit application and / or application for insurance. I hereby declare that all of the above information is true and correct . I also consent to all related parties for the collection and use of this information. *
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